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Kreamy Soaps Pine Tar Soap

About Kreamy Soaps Brand:

Brett Thomas and Kat Lyons are the founders of Kreamy Soaps. They have been in business for over 50 years collectively and share a deep passion as business entrepreneurs. In 2004 they joined their skill, creativity and vision to develop their Wholesome Premium Pine Tar Olive Bar.

Kreamy Soaps Premium Pine Tar Olive Bar will be the finest bar of soap you will ever use. The special recipe creates an extremely thick, rich, luxurious, sudsy lather.

The methodology is simple yet complex. Hand crafted from start to finish blending their own unique proprietary soap base and fine ingredients. With perfection, hand cut, stamp and packaged bars just for you. This is real honest to goodness "scratch made" soap.

Pine Tar Olive Bar is durable, vegan and all natural. No gmo's, colorants or perfumes are added to this truly amazing bar.

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Kreamy Soaps Pine Tar Soap 5 Oz

Naturally Medicinal Pine Tar Olive Bar

Hypoallergenic, handmade from Scratch, not all Soaps are created equal. No pre-made soap base. No Melt and Pour. No Milling. No Private Label Manufacturer.
A Unique Proprietary Soap Base-Developed and Hand Crafted by Kreamy Soaps Master Soapers and proudly Made in the USA.

• GMO Free, Colorant Free, Fragrance Free, Completely Biodegradable Product and Packaging, Green and Vegan.
• Hand Made from Scratch in small batches. Kreamy Soaps own Proprietary Soap Base.
• Naturally Medicinal, Luxurious, Effective, Extraordinarily Moisturizing, Thick, Rich, Luxurious Lather.
• For Sensitive Skin to Normal Skin, Use for Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Tattoo Rashes, Dry Skin etc.
• Face, Body, Shaving and Hair Bar. Long Lasting Bar Made with Exotic Oils.

Saponified Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Pine Tar and Jojoba Bean Oil.

Note: This bar is fragrance free meaning we do not add any fragrance. You can however smell the all natural ingredients. Kreamy Soaps is dedicated to keeping it real and authentic. No Animal Testing, No Animal by-products.


Best soap bar in the world - "Best soap bar in the world, except for peppermint. Brett & Kat sure know how to make rich, creamy, wonderful soap. Others may make pine tar olive soap too, but nobody makes soap like this, that feels so good on your skin." - anonymous.

This soap has changed my life! - "Kreamy Soaps has been the only soap that I use for my face in years. After battling skin problems most of my life, I am forever grateful for the healing properties of this medicinal soap that works wonders." - Kristen Parkhurst.

My son and I have struggled for years with eczema... - "My son and I have struggled for years with eczema and dry skin. We have tried so many products. This soap truly is a life saver. The smell does not stay with you!" - Mace C. Riddle.

Wow this soap really works - "This soap has really improved my husbands skin. His psorioasis has calmed down considerably after only to baths. He loves the way it makes him feel clean. I am going to use the soap myself." - Patricia A. April.

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