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A Wild Soap Bar Organic Pine Tar Neem Oil Soap

About A Wild Soap Bar Brand:

Since 1995, our family's goal has been to create truly natural, scratch made soaps and body care products featuring responsibly wildcrafted and organically grown botanicals that are safe for all living things and also a joy to use.

Our handmade natural products are biodegradable, cruelty free, minimally packaged, many are vegan, and they do not contain synthetic fragrance oils or other harmful chemicals. 100% of our base oils are certified organic. The sustainable organic palm oil we use is from Colombia (where there are NO orangutans) and is RSPO certified as well as Rainforest Alliance certified. In fact, we were using sustainable organic palm oil before it was "cool" to do so. We try to be mindful of every purchase we make and every action we take as we strive to support fair trade, organic, and sustainable businesses.

A Wild Soap Bar is and always has been committed to protecting people and planet.

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A Wild Soap Bar Pine Tar Soap 3.5 Oz

Pine Tar Neem Oil All Natural, Vegan, Organic Bar Soap for Skin Problems, Handmade by A Wild Soap Bar Pine

If you've got psoriasis, eczema, rashes, acne or other skin problems, our naturally medicated tea tree enriched Pine Tar Neem Oil Soap may help. The combination of creosote-free pine tar and organic neem oil really works. This soap has a somewhat smokey odor, but our customers with skin problems don't seem to mind. 3.5 ounce boxed bar.

• Helpful for skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, rashes, acne.
• Naturally medicated with a tea tree essential oil blend.
• Enriched with creosote-free pine tar and organic neem oil.
• Non-toxic, biodegradable, moisturizing and mild.
• Handmade in TX by a small family business in operation since 1995.

Premium saponified vegetable oils (organic extra virgin olive, organic coconut, organic palm, organic neem), organic aloe, creosote free pine tar, organic oat flour, essential oils (tea tree, pine, cedarwood), sea salt.


This Company Knows How to Make A Good Product - "This soap is WAY better for your body and skin than the mass produced petro chemical products (that I used to buy). I will buy products from this company again in the future." - C. L. Holt

wonderful!! - "I have been using my wild soap bar for about two weeks now and love it. I have oily skin that has recently become very sensitive to benzoyl peroxide. My skin is clearing up (acne), each day it looks better. The soap does make my skin feel a bit tight after it is washed off so I follow it with lotion, which I would normally do any way. I am not too excited about the smell of the soap, but with all of the great things in it and my skin finally healing I don't mind. I will defiantly getting more!!" - Racheall

Love This Soap! - "I love this soap! It makes my skin feel super soft and does not dry. I can't say it has done much for my hormonal acne breakouts (since not much can be done) but it definitely feels gentler on my skin during that time. Follow the instructions regarding care and it will last a while!" - Heidi M.

Recommended - "Smells medicinal but does feel nice and natural! Good product." - redrockgeol

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